"Trying doesn't mean you're weak - it means you're alive"

Remember to smile today :)

Non-fat mocha(s)


August is like the sunday of summer vacation

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  • me: they're real
  • me: they're REAL
  • me: I love them
  • me: I'm going to cry
  • me: omg
  • me: what
  • me: they're real
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The anger communicated in the few tiny seconds of this gif is ridiculously compelling.




My 7 year old son was shot down by his 1st grade teacher

The american public education system in a nutshell tho

When I was 4, my parents and I moved from Trinidad to Canada and I had to start Kindergarten. On my first day, my teacher spoke to me very slowly, gave me my own “special box” to put all of my things and explained to my mom that they would work with me separately. My mom told her that there must be some mistake and I was very intelligent and could already read chapter books. The teacher thought she was lying and so obviously my mom made me get the biggest book there and had me read it out loud. Instead of being impressed, she decided to go on and on about how people in “these countries” pressure their kids into learning at too young of an age and how we’re not socialized properly…

Family is a place where everyone loves you no matter what, and they accept you for who you are.

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